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Who would benefit having a Beyond Zero System?


The Beyond Zero System creates a unique opportunity to distinguish any commercial venue from the competition.  The machines are approved for home use as well.  Now anyone can enjoy a drink using liquor ice!

How does this device change the flavor profile of spirits?


When cooling a spirit with a Beyond Zero liquor ice it illuminates the hidden flavors masked much by the alcohol heat and ethanol burn.  Essentially it tastes smoother.

What type of liquor can the Beyond Zero System freeze?


Virtually any liquor will freeze.  However, some have chemicals that prevent freezing. Some liquors may need to be mixed with another type of liquor or mixer to freeze. Higher proof spirits over 120 proof may not freeze.

How much alcohol is each cube?


The cubes are measured automatically by the machine to be ¼ ounce each.

How fast does the Beyond Zero System freeze liquor?


Depending on the proof, and surrounding environment the Ice Maker will typically freeze base 80-90 proof spirits in 4-7 minutes and wine in 3 ½ minutes.

How fast does the Beyond Zero Ice Maker take to reach optimal freezing temperature?


Generally, it takes 25-30 minutes to reach optimal freezing temperature, which is -80f.

How fast does the Beyond Zero Storage Freezer take to reach optimal temperature?


Generally, it takes 45-60 minutes to reach optimal Storage temperature, which is -90f.

How did the idea come about?


Our CEO and founder Jason Sherman, a bourbon enthusiast, was tired of getting watered down bourbon with ice. He started a journey over  20 years ago to solve the problem of diluted cocktails, leading to the product that we have today.

Does Beyond Zero offer financing?


Yes we do with an outside company called Quick Spark. Click on this link to start the application process.

Can I lease a Beyond Zero System?


At this time, we are not offering a leasing solution, but we do have financing available.

What type of maintenance does the Beyond Zero System require?


Both machines are easy to clean and have options to assist in the Settings of the User Interface screen.  The storage unit is very easy to clean. Turn machine off, unplug it, let it get to room temperature and wipe out with warm water and soap. The maker unit pump can be cleaned out with warm water and turned on in the CLEANING setting. The pour tray can be cleaned. The freeze chamber can be cleaned once the machine is off.  Both machines have a defrost option that turns off the cooling power and leaves the lighting on.

How much counter space do the machines take?


  • 16.75” (426 mm) high, 13.25” (337 mm) wide, 16.50” (420 mm) deep
  • 41 lbs (18.6 kg)

Click here for our full spec sheets.

What should I not freeze in the Ice Maker?



The machines is specifically designed to freeze liquor and wine.  Putting non-alcoholic liquids in the machines will result in a void warranty.


What shapes can I freeze in the Storage Freezer using Ice molds?


Virtually any size or shape will freeze in freeze safe silicon molds in the the Beyond Zero Storage Freezer.  Depending on volume and thickness of the silicon will determine the length of time needed to freeze.

Why is there a foam cup in the metal cocktail shaker?


If Liquor Ice Cubes are dispensed from the Beyond Zero Maker directly into a metal or plastic cup they melt considerably faster than if they are held in a foam cup.  Any 16 or 20oz standard foam cup should fit into the metal shaker.  Cubes can be held for approximately 25-30 minutes in the foam cup before melting.

When do I need to replace the Styrofoam cup?


Replace as needed if the cups is stained, dirty, broken or falls out of the metal shaker.

Does the Beyond Zero come in other colors?


At this time only the stainless steel version is available.

How long can I store the ice?


In the Beyond Zero Storage maker, you can store ice indefinitely so long as you do not lose power or shut off the machine.  We do not suggest running the Storage Freezer more than a week without proper defrost and cleaning.

Will the Beyond Zero System replace my frozen drink machine?


Frozen drink machines and blenders have uses in certain situations.  A Beyond Zero System elevates the cocktail experience to the next level.  It allows anyone to craft classics into modern masterpieces!

Does the machine require any type of gas or chemicals to function?


No, the Beyond Zero System is a table-top plug-in device. No external gases or items needed. It’s plug and play.

Are the machines food safety rated?


Yes. We are NSF and UL rated. UL file number SA44700 and SA44409. (UL Seach Directory)

How much power does the machine need?


The Beyond Zero Maker and Storage uses 120 volts, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.2 amps single phase electric. The Maker and Storage use the same amount of energy as a 100-watt light bulb.

How long is my warranty?


Each new unit comes with a 1 year, full replacement, warranty. If any parts break on the machine (with exception to wear and tear parts), we will replace free for one year or date of shipment received.

Please Note: Purchasers outside of the United States and Canada and/or purchases from a third party distributor or sales representative may differ from this Limited Warranty. If you purchased a product from a country other than the United States or Canada and/or from a third party distributor or sales representative outside of the United States or Canada the Limited Warranty will not apply.  There is no Warranty coverage provided for the products outside of the United States. By purchasing this Beyond Zero product, you accept and agree to be legally bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Limited Warranty.

Limited Warranty

What does the warranty cover?


The warranty covers all non-consumable items and mechanics. Items such as pour trays, drip trays, and pumps are not covered.

Limited Warranty

Where can I find my model and serial number?


Both can be found on the label on the bottom of the machine.

What shipping company should I expect the package to come from?


Our main shipping provider is UPS.

My packaged showed up damaged. What do I do now?


Upon receiving your order, please inspect it for any damaged or missing items. If any part of your order is missing or damaged, please keep the items and packaging and contact us within 5 business days of receipt so we can find a solution for you. We may request pictures of the damage to help with this process.

Do you ship outside of the USA?


Orders shipped to Canada via UPS may incur additional duties, taxes, and other fees to cross the border. These charges will be billed to you directly from the carrier and will not be reflected in our shipping costs at checkout. We aim to ship orders to Canada in one shipment, but it is not always possible due to stock levels in our warehouses. If we cannot ship your order in one complete shipment, you will be informed and responsible for any additional brokerage fees.

For international orders please call us directly at 1(256) 229-5551

I am interested in becoming a distributor/reseller, who do I contact?


Please email us directly:, or give us a call: (256) 229-5551